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extreme hardcore



Goverment - leads IT!
Army - realise IT!
Police - guards IT!
and deaf crowd - only nodes

How many wars, human victims
will be on the earth in this new century?
How many dead trees, flowers and animals
will we have to sadly look at together?
When does anything change in this strange time?
Where you can raise up your voice as far in the grave.

Brake the shackles! Spit out the gags!

It´s something strange on the planet.
It´s something rotten on the earth.
Capital and plottings destroy our souls.
We became deaf to the nature and animals.

"Your" HC

You try to persuade me how is your hardcore cool.
You thrust on me the fact your clothes are the right.
Pathches, shirts, style of walking or pissing - It´s the only one...
... the only one true hardcore.

Do you really think hardcore is only next music style?


Exhibition of power, confused lunatics
Appoint the rules, economic elite
Exhibition of power, soulless fools
They take us freedom, control our lives.

commentary: One of the causes of our submission consists in that "handful" of political-economic top controls our planet sources, makes scale of human needs and got us dependt on financial system and appointed the rules by it. Let´s make together as personalities, groups, comunities better world established on principles of equality, mutual solidarity and respect to nature.


It´s morning I wake up
Bird´s singing to new beautiful day
We get on the bikes with friends
We are going up to hill !!!

ref: up to hill !!!

We are just on the top
Sunlight are reflecting on our disk brakes
We drop the brakes and start up the bikes
We make the downhill ride !!!

Ref: downhill ride !!!
commentary: ….oh…this is the real fun!!!
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