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extreme hardcore

Hello everybody,

here´s Petr -(guit.) from Space to being. The history of S.T.B. isn´t as long and interesting as it what hapened before that... ha ha. Current bassplayer Laďa used to play in neoalternopunk band   M.R.M.CH.T.F.P.  (Mad Red Monkeys CHilli Three Fucking Pigs ). I´ve played bass in doom metal band Sickness and then in sceptic-deppressive band antisilentmagoria for about three years.

During the stagnation of all noticed groups (spring 99) started to realise a long thoughtful idea of establishing a crust/punk band. After a stabilisation members: Ládin - bass, voc, John - drums, tympans, pots and peal,    haha..., Petr - guit, throat, we bounded by the name LD50 (check some pics here). In this line-up we have existed till end of the LD50 in cold winter 2001, when very busy John left the band.

We started to rehearsal with new drummer Petr –Beer- Svancara (ex Twisted Truth) and when we had a couple of songs this project became name Space to being. Later joined the band new japanvocalist Krwák.

The history of  Space to being started to write in spring 2001, when germinated the most beautyfull flower which has lovely smelt our fusty hardcore meadows.

Nowdays we have recorded a new material containing 15 songs, which includes covers Charles Bronson and Infest. Part of this record would be used for split 7" with singapore HC/thrashers EDÖRA and another fasting 4-way split ep Sekec Mazec. We still find other HC/thrash/powerviolence...bands and labels for next release.

That´s menwhile all friends, have a nice autmn and stay sick... oh sorry, I mean happy.

Peťan/s.t.b. fuckinghardcoreyouthcrew


 e-mail: spacetobeing@seznam.cz

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